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Social Responsibility

We are a proudly Malagasy business and want to showcase to the world the vibrancy of our culture and people. We are also committed to supporting Malagasies to reach their full potential, through access to healthcare and education.

Groupe Filatex CSR


Our dedicated CSR arm has completed many projects within the community of which we are tremendously proud, spanning bespoke projects related to Childhood & Education, Health & Social and the Environment.

Ultimately, our CSR initiatives have been designed to alleviate the underlying causes of poverty. To tackle this issue, better access to education and healthcare is our main focus and through which we are supporting the people of Madagascar to live better, healthier lives, provide for their families and achieve their full potential.We recognise that there is much more work that needs to be done. As our business continues to grow, we are determined to be a force for good in Madagascar, supporting the next generation by equipping them with the skills they need to thrive. This is our mission.Our CSR initiatives include, but are not limited to the provision to schools of new learning materials, the construction and / or renovation of four public primary schools, the donation of many hundreds of books to libraries, the launch of a nutrition programme to help more than 1,500 children, the development of public lighting in certain poorly lit districts of Antananarivo and other cities, the construction of a public sanitary facility and the creation and maintenance of public green spaces. Moreover, we continue to develop programmes that will improve healthcare facilities, end child hunger in schools, and provide education and skills training for women.

“We are focused on the future of Madagascar: one of our key objectives is to help offer a unique education process, in order to add to the awakening of the minds of new generations.”

Tanteraka Rakotoarisoa

Head of CSR

Fond de Dotation HY
“ I am passionate about the arts and their ability to inspire and educate. Art, and the Arts in general, opens minds to new ideas and experiences, and provides examples of what can be achieved through hard work and determination. ”

Hasnaine Yavarhoussen Fonds de Dotation HY Founding President