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We are committed to supporting Malagasy entrepreneurs and developing projects with a significant social and economic development impact. We invest in great ideas and talented individuals at the angel stage.

Our ventures are diversifying Madagascar’s economy and create new employment opportunities. Our approach is sector agnostic; we identify potential and are actively involved in growing successful businesses.

Our investments include :

Orga Earth


Innovative agriculture to create reliable income for local communities.

Through a joint venture we have created ‘Orga Earth’, a cactus farm project which will produce cosmetic bio oil for use in anti-ageing products globally. It will also produce biogas which can be used as an alternative to natural gas for cooking purposes. The project will ensure a stable and sustainable income for populations which are extremely vulnerable to climate change. A constant income will be generated for local communities, since the cactus crop can be harvested all year round, its quality and the quantity unaffected by climatic hazards.Moreover, the initiative will empower around 1,000 self-employed Malagasy women as part of our commitment to improving job opportunities for women.

“ Madagascar is brimming with untapped potential. By working with local talent, we can help bring new businesses to life and regenerate entire regions. This, we hope, will be our legacy. “

George Conde