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Madagascar solar roll-out to address access issues, reduce fossil fuel dependency

Renewable energy, real estate and free zone project developer Groupe Filatex is rolling out a series of renewable energy power projects in Madagascar in partnership with Canada-based energy development company Dera Energy as part of its efforts to address a dire electricity deficit, increase access to electricity by the country’s majority rural population and reduce the country’s historic reliance of carbon-intensive fossil fuels.

The company is also developing 66 MW worth of solar photovoltaic (PV) projects in Côte d’Ivoire at a cost of €80-million; 10 MW of solar PV and 33 MW worth of hydropower in Guinea, at a cost of €8.5-million and €105-million, respectively; 20 MW worth of solar PV in Ghana at a cost of €17-million; and is in advance negotiations to acquire an 8 MW hydropower plant in the Balkans with an expansion to reach 14 MW at a cost of €35-million.

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